The first global tokenizationTokenization refers to the process of converting real assets into digital assets and thus converting the property rights of a particular asset into a digital token. At Agrotoken, we transform biological assets, such as grains, into financial assets. infrastructure for agrocommodities.

We create a secure and frictionless ecosystem to make trading grains easier, more efficient and more reliable.

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We transform grains into a digital asset, to store or exchange for inputs, services and other assets.

Agrotokens, allow commercial and financial transactions with the direct backing of the grains.


More flexible

When you want, where you want and for the amount you want.


More efficient

Easy, fast and 100% digital.


More secure

With blockchain technology, transparent and decentralized.

Agrotokens are tradable digital assets backed by grain.

Their value is linked to the price of the grain.


1 Agrotoken = 1 ton of grain.

Agrotoken Quote

questionIndexes by MATBA/ROFEX

Using your Agrotokens opens up a world of possibilities and benefits.

It's simple, you tokenize your grains 100% online, you receive the Agrotokens in your wallet and you can start using them from your cell phone or computer.

  • checklistExchange them for seeds, vehicles, machinery, fuel, services and much more.
  • checklistUse them as collateral for loans.
  • checklistGet a pre-funded card with your Agrotokens

Accept them in exchange for your products and services

Just create your Agrotoken account to operate with payment links and sell more, in a more efficient way.

  • checklistYou receive the money immediately in your wallet, without delays.
  • checklistYou have less risk of fraud or insolvency.
  • checklistYou can keep the Agrotokens that accompany the value of the grains.

Welcome to a democratic and efficient infrastructure.

We are building a new ecosystem that allows you to do business with agrocommodities, simply, securely and with lower costs.

  • checklistNew stable coins collateralized with more grains in more countries.
  • checklistMore functionalities to support transactions and financing.
  • checklistOpening to exchanges and exchange for more digital assets.
  • checklistMore transparency in prices.


Utilizing the full potential and security of blockchain.

Agrotoken is a multichain infrastructure that uses the technology of several networks for the most optimal use cases of each one.



All transactions are recorded on blockchain



There is no intermediation in transactions which reduces friction and costs.



Being encrypted and decentralized it cannot be altered and it is very difficult to hack

Agrotoken is built on the following networks:

EthereumFind our SOYA, CORA and WHEA contracts atEthereum


Want to be part of the ecosystem?

We bring together technology, finance, cryptoeconomics and agribusiness, so that everyone can take advantage of the opportunities of a simpler and more efficient world.



Convert your stored grains into digital assets (Agrotokens), to exchange them for inputs, services and much more, easily, securely and instantly.



Accept Agrotokens in exchange for your products or services and increase your sales.



Learn how to validate tokenization and participate in an infrastructure of solutions that allow you to do more and better business with farmers.


If you already operate with cryptoassets or you are interested in agribusiness opportunities, very soon you will be able to acquire agrotokens in the main exchanges.

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We are the infrastructure that allows you to do more and better business with grains and food, creating a simpler, more efficient and technological ecosystem.

We are the new dimension of agribusiness.