Launching our first cryptocurrency

A new dimension of agribusiness.

At Agrotoken we have created the first grains-backed cryptocurrencies so that you can save, invest and exchange.

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What is Agrotoken?

Agrotoken is the first Global Platform for tokenization of agricultural commodities.

We are a bunch of people passionate about our Land and Earth. We believe in the latest technological breakthroughs that have opened up new horizons for the creation of a new reliable, transparent and decentralized ecosystem to make the dream of farmers come true: get to use their farming production as if it was currency.

Supporting technological partners and companies:

How do our tokens work?

Agrotoken's Crypto soybean (SOYA) and Crypto corn (CORA) are the first stablecoins collaterized in soybeans and corn respectively.

By means of tokenization, which means converting real crops into digital assets, we have created a stablecoin (which is a stable currency with parity in grains), that is, for each Crypto soybean SOYA Token there is a ton of real soy guarded in a supporting storage, and validated through the PoGR (Proof of Grain Reserves) making it transparent, secure, decentralized and auditable at all times, through the Ethereum blockchain management system.
This makes our Tokens into Global Stablecoins, cryptoassets whose reference value is the price of the corresponding grains in the local market where they are produced.

= 1 ton

1 Crypto soybean (SOYA) equals to 1 ton of soybeans.

Farmers who trust in us:

Why tokenize?

We have created an ecosystem that digitizes the value of grains and simplifies transactions, savings and investment.

And these are the most relevant benefits...

More liquidity

It allows digital transactions, reduces the exchange of information and commerce to optimize business.

Fewer territorial barriers

The tokens can be exchanged for any other crypto asset or fiat money anywhere in the world.

New investment tools

Investors can divide and transfer an asset without losing its properties in the real world.

New financing tools

The tokens allow financing at lower rates, eliminating intermediaries and inefficient processes.

Heightened security

No one can delete or change the ownership record, as transaction data is stored encrypted and linked on thousands of computers.

Full availability

The tokens can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7 through a web application or mobile app.


Any institutional or private investor can invest in soy in a simple way and with the liquidity of digital markets.

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